It was my appointment with destiny.

It takes faith for anyone to leave his family his house his car and his own country, and step forth into that which is unknown to him. This is not the faith of our natural mind, but it is a divine calling from the God who calls those that they hear and obey his voice.

Apostolic days are here today. God calls those that has chosen to go and do something that will change the lives and the atmosphere of the nations.

Apostles are those who are sent by God to make a history.

There are big and small apostles, but in the eyes of God all are valuable and all are precious.

There are apostles with all different kind of gifts and anointing.

Today there is a great movement of the mighty Holy Spirit of God.

it is up to us to enter into that moving river, and let ourselves be saturated in His endless love and through this relationship, rise up take our position in Christ Jesus and GO!


My Mission to Canada

My Mission to Canada

An appointment with destiny